Update on Android 4.0 for Sony Tablets are available

Two tablet models and an update – that will please the various owners who referred to as a digital flatbed from Sony her own. while the long wait is on an update to Google’s mobile operating system Android 4.0 is way from over. however in any case, Sony was ready to wrestle and now published a timetable for updates from Ice Cream Sandwich on the Sony and therefore the Sony tablet

At an incident in London the key aired manufacture Sony: Android 4.0 coming back in the spring of this year for both the S and P tablet. Well yes, spring officially lasts from 20 March to twenty June. The margin for the Android update is see you later. the two tablet computers are presupposed to be provided in parallel to the sandwich smartphones from Sony with the upgrade to Ice Cream. and because the company was in spirits for info, was permited to elicit a secret: both tablets also get an update that will allow the employment of the Microsoft office software from practically flat on board.

Sony Tablet 2 Update on Android 4.0 for Sony Tablets are availableThe reason for the event in the British capital was originally a presentation of the Sony and Sony tablet S P in the range of games. For both tablet PCs are now also compatible with the controllers of Sony’s widespread console PlayStation 3. Falls, the employment of touchscreens, particularly when the Daddeln is not perpetually the simplest answer away. Instead, controllers, like the DualShock 3 are going to be used. All it desires then may be a suitable holder for the tablet.