Sony is now experimenting with a windows smartphone ?

How does it feel to read a few days ago, it is suspected that Sony is now also experimenting with a smartphone that uses the Microsoft Windows Phone.

This system has ignored a number of manufacturers have changed the series Nokia Lumia  least a little famous. HTC has also encouraged efforts towards Windows Mobile with Titan II further ahead.

Sony does not have a phone device with Windows on offer. While fellow competitors like Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, and now it has a small range of devices.

Also of growing Chinese manufacturers like ZTE already offers a Windows Mobile device.

Network appears in the photograph alleged prototype Phone Sony Ericsson Windows, it might be like that. Or even just a relic of the Sony-Ericsson joint last.

At the Mobile World Congress, Sony head of some messages were present representatives of the effort. There is at least unclear. Which in turn will trigger a rumor.

Appear realistic entry of Sony into this business with Windows Mobile devices,but only to announce the launch of Microsoft Windows Mobile-8

This technique, known as the Apollo, according to Microsoft Update Update for the Fourth Quarter of 2012 emerged.

Other manufacturers such as Nokia and HTC have announced an exciting new device for this release.

When or whether to appear at any time Sony Windows Mobile, meanwhile, is still in the stars.

What do you think? If it is Windows Mobile devices from Sony? Or is it just  a rumor ?

New Rumor and Concept of Apple iPhone5

The design of Apple merchandise is no doubt one of the main selling points. At the launch of the Apple iPhone 4S in the past year was, therefore, to hear some disappointment. the current Apple smartphone differs optically from its predecessor. The greater the expectations are currently at the Apple iPhone fifth Over any other smartphone is currently speculated as violent as on the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Circulating on the web such a lot of graphics that place confidence in the most common rumors and thus could provides a quite realistic picture of the iPhone fifth Most (amateur) designers begin out from a bigger screen, the iPhone will dominate the front of the fifth

The borders round the show willmost likely narrow soas to attain a compact style. the most placing modification to the front of succeeding Apple smartphone appears to affect the area below the show. Below the show, which was previously found to be continually the circular home button, in keeping with many rumors in the future could notice an rectangular shaped capacitive bit surface. quite common is also the belief that Apple is that the iPhone 5 bet on a back facet of metal.

The Cupertino company would move from the look of its smartphones iPad therefore closer to the approach. whether or not the rumors are confirmed, you may most likely learn in the summer of 2012. For then shall be presented to the Apple iPhone 5.