Most Hopeful Halloween Apps of This Year

Practically nothing quite sets the disposition for a holiday season like the proper application for your iPhone. Halloween is one of the most one of a kind holiday seasons and should be celebrated on the internet with spooky and imaginative iPhone apps. I’ve done a lot of looking since the previous season, and I’m certain that the best apps are either $0.99 or free, have some sort of originality, and have you looking forward to throwing on a costume and hitting the town. Here are five iPhone apps that have been disregarded on the best charts for 2011, and show a lot of promise for 2012. Lets count them backwards, beginning with #5…

[I:] #5 – Fake Tombstone

A exceptional application that makes it possible for the customer to generate unique-etched tombstones. The photos save immediately to the camera roll, and can be printed out to add some creepy style where appropriate. Text your friends a photograph of their own grave and gauge their reaction!

#4 – *Halloween*

Viciously addictive, just consider this a stranger variation of Zynga’s “Farmville” for your iPhone. Enthusiasts can design their own theme park fit for the halloween season. You can even cross-breed monsters! Did I point out, it’s entirely free?

#3 – Elevator Zombies

Who doesn’t like a superb zombie game? Elevator Zombies is a platform shooter where your objective is to get to safety swiftly. I enjoyed the environmental interaction, and found myself taking part in this video game well past the halloween season. Worthy of having a look at at #3!

#2 – Super Scary Prank

While this app just premiered in January of this season, the absolute uniqueness of not only pranking your buddies, but recording it places it in at #2. You give your friends your phone and auspiciously tell them to try a completely new game. After the hidden timer counts down, it will show a frightening image and tape your friend’s response. Very funny.

[I:] #1 – Office Zombie

This clever app adds the stress of a 9 to 5 routine with the absurdity of the Undead Apocalypse. You simply throw things at an exhausted zombie who responds in unique and entertaining ways. If you have a morose sense of humor, or just respect sarcastic company wit, this application is for you. Oh, and its absolutely free to download!

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Is Apple Turning OS X into iOS Via Mountain Lion? Nope.

Apple announced OS X Mountain Lion to mixed reviews mid February because of the firm’s call to add diverse iOS features and apps to OS X, making the two operating systems more alike in form and function than ever. But the company dropped the “Mac” title to the operating system’s official name, so it is no longer “Mac OS X”, just “OS X”. Critics fear the signs point to the start of the death of the Mac workstation, but that’s probably not right.

The idea implies that Apple plans to kill off the Mac in the future, and I can realize why many would come to that conclusion. First, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will only run signed code by default; that means you can’t run any app that isn’t at once accepted by Apple on your Mac. This is an additional layer of secutiry for amateur users, and advanced users and developers can switch it off to run unapporved programmes if they wish. This is a great feature, and some people and enterprises actually need that high-level of security.

For the rest of us, we’ll turn it off. No big deal, and it doesn’t mean OS X will become less useful for power users. All the really good stuff from Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard is still there.

2nd, Apple added a considerable number of features and apps into OS X 10.8 Mountail Lion that originated from iOS. This includes the Messages app, which creates a continued messaging experience across all your Apple devices. You will not need to retort to Messages without delay through your iPhone unless it comes through as an SMS from a non-Apple user. Naturally, carriers hate this because it eliminates the necessity for SMS plans as more and more users jump on the iPhone bandwagon. With all of OS X’s features and dynamic application still in tact, I can not see why the including of iOS applications and features into the OS is such a bad thing.

3rd, Apple dropped the “Mac” prefix to the official title of OS X, but that does not imply the Mac is going anywhere. Mac has a tendency to be a term employed to refer to Apple’s hardware options, and OS X is obviously a title for an operating system. That’s potentially just a part of a promoting scheme to help consumers understand Apple’s products better. It is sensible to obviously differentiate your products. While it might not be of very much use to geeks, the grandparents and spouses of those geeks will often appreciate the clarification.