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The Hardware

Body: The body was made by HTC, a Taiwanese company that makes Windows Mobile devices for Motorola, Palm and its own line. This phone is built just like those. The back is classic matted and grip-friendly HTC. The swivel-flip feels almost exactly like earlier HTC phones, only it extends out and then back in again, revealing the keyboard underneath. This motion gives a satisfying snap when opened, though it might be too loud in a quiet office. Keyboard: It’s got numerous problems. First, it’s set so that the raised section on the right, with scroller ball and home and menu keys, is always in your way when you’re trying to type. This is annoying, even after you figure out how to work around it. The individual keys aren’t raised high enough over the body for easy touch typing, though at least the keyboard is backlit, in case you’re texting in the dark. The space and backspace key are tinier than we’d like. And it’s even more awkward than normal to type while charging the phone, because the miniUSB cable is in the way. Continue Reading

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Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone has finally arrived in the form of the Fire Phone. The pseudo-Android smartphone shows its maker’s touch with heavy leanings toward Amazon digital content and features like Firefly that aim to keep consumers embedded squarely in the retailer’s ecosystem. Dynamic Perspective breathes some life into an otherwise flat Fire OS, but is the average hardware worth the $600+ price tag? Read on for our full review!


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Google Play may be the most popular App Store on the Android side of things, but Amazon is making moves to bring their offerings to the masses. Today the company rolled out the Amazon Appstore to 41 new regions which brings their total to well over 200.


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 BBM for Windows Phone download live today
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The messaging app fully supports Windows Phone 8, and while we see this as a good step for users, we can’t help think it is a little late. The thing is, when BBM was first launched for Android and iOS there was a huge amount of hype surrounding it, so


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iPhone and Android: Is BBM in Their Future?


bbm 5706 iPhone and Android: Is BBM in Their Future?

Research in Motion, or RIM, may release Blackberry Messenger, or BBM, for iPhones and Androids. This rumor has flown around the internet for months but has yet to come to fruition or be affirmed by RIM. On the contrary, at the Blackberry World 2011 Q&A Session for Developers, RIM has affirmed that they are not in the process of developing their BBM to be used on the iPhone or the Android. Although they did not rule out the possibility of an interface to enable the BBM for iPhone or Android users in the future, it seems that they have a very good reason not to pursue this route.

The Blackberry Messenger is built on a proprietary platform and infrastructure that sets the Blackberry apart from other devices and is one of their primary differentiators. In order to adapt the BBM for iPhone and Android users, a complete restructuring would be necessary and they would lose one of their main advantages over their competitors. This is according to one of the developers at the Blackberry World 2011 Q&A Session for Developers.

However, RIM has recently confirmed that they have an adaptation for the Enterprise level that allows third-party interface with BBM. This enables the employees of a business to interface their devices with those of the business and use the BBM for iPhone and Android devices.

It is entirely possible, however, that enabling even limited use of the BBM for iPhone and Android devices could attract a new demographic of iPhone or Android users who find themselves enamored of the BBM application and would therefore make the switch to Blackberry.

Even though many critics say that RIM is missing out on a large percentage of the market by limiting the Blackberry Messenger to their own devices, RIM seems inclined to stay with their current marketing direction. Despite the many rumors to the contrary, at the present RIM is indicating that the only BBM interface for other devices will be in the Enterprise area, which is designed for the business sector.

Other companies have developed similar applications, such as Kik and PingChat!, that can be used across different platforms and Apple now has iMessage which is similar to the Blackberry Messenger. However, when RIM filed a lawsuit against Kik that alleged patent infringement, Kik would no longer accept BBM users. Apple’s iMessage will work with the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod touch but not the BBM.

Part of RIM’s reluctance at the present to share the BBM application with other devices may be the current state of their company, which has laid off 2,000 manufacturing workers while at the same time hiring two new COO’s.

In summary, for those users who were anticipating the BBM for iPhone and Android devices, the wait will continue as RIM has not indicated that this is on their agenda in the foreseeable future. RIM has confirmed this in at least two separate statements and currently plans to offer a BBM interface in their Enterprise area only.

Top 3 Android Camera Apps by Expert Mobile Phone Application Development Companies

With lots of feature phones sporting a great camera, Photography is a very common hobby. The latest Android phones feature your camera of minimum 5MP to eight Mega pixel with a few advanced configurations that enables you to definitely click some really awesome button snaps. Unlike Apple, Android phones permit you to tweak some fundamental camera configurations including whitened balance and exposure value.

Android is filled with fun. It’s some good applications in the store developed underneath the scrutiny of expert cell phone database integration companies. After testing the best applications, we provide you with an array of options to select from.

Lightbox photos: This application is really a direct response to the favourite Instagram application for Apple. Lightbox involves a couple of simple registration steps. Once registered together with your Lightbox account, you will get began. Click amazing pictures, that are instantly submitted for your Lightbox account. It allows you to definitely connect to the button snaps from multiple products because it sync along with other products for instance, you tablet or PC. Internet connectivity isn’t mandatory while clicking the images. You can preserve taking as numerous button snaps as you would like, they’ll be put into the account once it finds connectivity. It’s effective social networking connection. It enables you share pictures on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter with only a tap. For photobloggers, this application enables direct upload to Tumblr.

Camera 360 A thumb 300x200 Top 3 Android Camera Apps by Expert Mobile Phone Application Development Companies: Frequently known as as Art inside your hands, Camera 360 is a well-liked camera application produced for your phone. The famous PC world and expert cell phone database integration companies have listed this application among the Best Players technology items. Camera 360 has everything good. From simple to use interface to amazing effects along with a support from 20 million fans from all around the world, this application is provides the best consumer experience in totality. The application continues to be recently upgraded while offering some good features. It supports both front and back camera, which makes it simpler for self-portrait.

It’s got various filters and handles photos by classifying them by date. The application is integrated with social platforms and could be operated with simply a couple of simple steps.

BeFunky: BeFunky continues to be lately examined by among the top mobile phone makers, The new sony. The app’s recognition urged cell phone database integration companies to obtain inspiration in the concept. Befunky supplies a funky toolset to be included to your wallet. With this particular toolset, you can easily edit and publish photos rapidly from whomever you’re. Together with editing features, for example crop, set brightness and rotate to repair your photos, additionally, it enables you to definitely change its examine the hue, saturation and contrast setting.

Because the title indicates, BeFunky enables you to definitely get funky using its amazing filters. You can decide on the plethora of filters for a number of occasions for example alter the color tone, tilt change, Orton effect and much more. For additional awesome look, pick among the frames in the application. It provides easy discussing together with your social media site-simply click, edit and share!

Gem Miner for Android

GEM Gem Miner for Android
Gem Miner for Android

The popularity of games is larger because it is become important in our daily life. There are many games developer race to make their game become the favorite game that being played. Gem Miner for Android, is one kinds of game which created for us who really wants to play a game in our Smartphone. This game is kinds of game that makes us feel the adventure inside a game.

This game is different from others because in this game you will find it easy and comfy to play it even from the office. Gem Miner for Android, is the game you have to play when you want to feel the interesting on exploring a planet. Because this game are one kind of games that people’s like to play nowadays from their Smartphone. However, this game is not free to play.

This game is not free because the feature in it is very popular since many of Android users are use it on their Smartphone as their game app. Gem Miner for Android is the game which always makes the users not feeling that time already flies faster than usual because they are playing this game detailed than any other.

Samsung Galaxy S4

S4 Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung galaxy S4 is a new version of Samsung product that comes with the most advanced technology. This product is not yet to be launched formally so Samsung Company offers a pre-order program for all of customers who want to get this new version of Samsung product. There are so many people who want to purchase this product by doing pre order at 18th until 28th of April 2013 and they will get it soon.

Although Samsung galaxy S4 has a very expensive price, there are still many people who want to get this product series because it has a better characteristic than Galaxy S3. Samsung Company plans to introduce this series in April at some countries in Asia. There are ten million units that will be delivered to those nations. This will make Samsung product’s lovers want to make a purchase.

Samsung galaxy S4 is chosen as one kinds of smart phones produced by Samsung. It has some special specifications such as, screen size in five inch, a slim design and two cameras available 13 Megapixel for back camera and 2 Megapixel for front camera. Other features you can find are Android operation system, high connectivity, and RAM DDR3 2GB that will make this product has a fast and good performance. Those characteristics make many people interested in using this product soon.

Bebbled for Android

Bebbled of Android 300x200 Bebbled for Android
Bebbled of Android

Games nowadays are very different with games in the past. The development of the game today is in line with the development of people’s taste. There are many games that can easily find and use when we feel bored. Bebbled of Android is one of the games that can make us being happy when we feel bored. This game is a game to test your mind and concentration. Therefore, you will have different view in playing this game.

This game is simple and easy to play, because this game is one kind of game that created for those who feel bored and wants to play a game. However, Bebbled for Android is not a free game like other game. But it does not change the fact that this game is become popular nowadays. The game itself is created because there are many games that people did not like to play since it is not free.

There are many games that have similarity with this game. The more they play it, the more they are feeling the interesting of this game. Bebbled for Android is created for a people who wants to play in their Smartphone but did not have the chance.


Angry Birds for Android

ang Angry Birds for Android

There are so many kinds of games nowadays which can makes all people around the world being addicted to it. It is the nature of a game can make someone become addicted just for play it. The more they play, the more they are reaching the peak of an addicted. However, not all kinds of games are makes them addicted. There is one game, Angry Birds for Android, can make them feel happy and not turn them to be an addicted person. This game is other kinds of app that can be used by Android users to eliminate their boring days.

This game is used for Android users since there are many people nowadays who use Android smart-phone as their gadget. There are many kinds of Angry Birds for Android, however, this one is the new develop which can make many people’s feel the game for the first time. Therefore, this game is become popular in the world.

There are many people nowadays who play this game in their Smartphone, because it is a simpler game to use and to play. Angry Birds for Android is one kind of game that can make the users wants to play it every day.

The Standards Specification of New Android Tablets

3.New android tablets 300x300 The Standards Specification of New Android Tablets

There are many famous developer now try to release their own version android tablet. Some of this developer tries to challenge the android market in order to reap a profitable income. Because of this fact there are many android tablet produced. This impact made many people become confused on what android tablets that suited into their own lifestyle. Many people choose the wrong android tablets and suffer many losses in their wallet. To avoid this type of accident customer should know what kind standard feature an android tablets has to offer.

Nowadays Android tablets have a certain specifications to be considered as a standard android tablets. One of the examples of the New Android Tablets is the AccerIconia A500. The AccerIconia has the newest android 3.0 system that provides customer with more friendly interface and convenience. Another feature of this android tablets are its 1280 x 800 resolution screen that offers high quality picture.

In addition to its screen, The AccerIconia also offers customer with a multitude of connectivity data saving feature and entertainment. The features are ranging from the new Bluetooth 2.0, microSD with 32 Gigabyte space, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 5 Mega Pixels camera.In conclusion, people must know the current standard specification, just as described in the example to avoid major loss in their pocket.

The Convenience of having Android Unlocked Phone

2.Android unlocked phone 300x225 The Convenience of having Android Unlocked Phone

Android is a high technology gadget that very closes with our daily lives. Many people use android as a means to enhance their daily lives. Android has many feature and function that very useful and can help in our daily routine. One of the common feature that is very useful is how android act as a means of communication. Not only it can use as an ordinary phones android also feature many application and games that can entertain its owner. The large variety of feature android had to offers for the customer has made these gadgets very popular in present time.

Despite Android variety feature and popularity, it also has its own drawback. One of the biggest drawbacks of Android is the Bootloader. The Bootloader is a security system that prevents the android to be customized. This system works like a double edged sword for android user because there are positive sides and also negative sides in this system. In positive sides this system will prevents thief from stealing the data we have. On the negative side this system also prevents user in customizing their android. These fact make many customer disappointed because the urge to customize their own android.

But now owner of the android can rest easily, because now some of the developer have released a way unlock their product. Some of this friendly and caring developer gives a variety of method in unlocking their android product. Samsung with their Galaxy Nexus will give instruction on how to unlock the android phone. HTC give unlocking tools in their official website to unlock their android product. Android unlocked phone will give more freedom for the customer to customize their favorite android into their liking. In addition to the freedom, people doubt about this gadget will be cleared and they will start to purchase and use it.