Let’s for an instant that you just say an Android phone with a restricted quantity of knowledge allotted to every month. Be it for monetary reasons or personal preferences, you have got one GB, which permits you to share via net browser, are social networking applications, email, etc. For some, would be a just about unlimited quantity, except for others its one thing they need to watch closely. Whereas some airlines supply applications that need information usage monitor, it’s generally troublesome to understand specifically where your bandwidth is. Mobidia meant to assist users perceive what applications and services using your valuable information with my information manager.

The application is freed from charge on to shoppers on devices that may a pair of.2-2.3.3 however it’s conjointly obtainable for mobile operators and phone / pill OEMs in white label, branded resolution. Options in version level participants embody the monitoring of consumption information at the appliance level, use of alarms, and switching between home networks and roaming.

To be fair, there are different applications from the Android Market that provide an identical service, however we tend to just like the “look and feel of this Mobidia track. Evidently do the users who have downloaded and commenced using the app currently, Comments and opinions are terribly positive.

download My Data Manager for Android to Monitor Data Usage

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mobia data manager 300x300 My Data Manager for Android to Monitor Data Usage Take control of your mobile data – save money & use your plans more effectively.

Take control of your mobile data. Monitor app data usage for your home and roaming plans. Set usage alarms to manage your bill. Track historical consumption to ensure you are buying the ideal plan and maximize how you use your data. Monitor per app data consumption to understand what apps are consuming the most data, and what apps are almost free. Save money by using your data plans more effectively.