Samsung’s virtual reality headset

 Samsungs virtual reality headset Samsung Reportedly Launching Virtual Reality Headset – NBC News

headsets Samsungs virtual reality headset

Samsung virtual reality headset photo surfaces — Tech …

Oculus and Samsung have been working together on a virtual reality headset that uses a phone as a screen. New photos show it is fairly far along ahead of an expected September reveal.

Samsung’s virtual reality headset caught on camera | PhoneDog

17 hours ago A little more than a month after a leaked render gave us a peek at Samsung’s rumored virtual reality headset, a photo of the real thing has …

Samsung rumored to unveil VR headset in September
Android Community, on Wed, 13 Aug 2014 05:56:15 -0700
Rumors are swirling that Samsung will finally unveil its supposed Virtual Reality headset during their product event this coming September. Codenamed “Project Moonlight”, this is supposedly their version of Google’s own Cardboard and has the capability


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default Samsungs virtual reality headset Samsung Plans A VR Headset For Its Galaxy Mobile Devices, Report Says
According to a new report by Engadget, Samsung is prepping an Oculus Rift competitor of its own. The Korean electronics giant is no stranger to stepping into…


Samsung is Working on a Galaxy-Branded Virtual Reality Headset – The Escapist

Sign-in to your Escapist account to enter contest, post comments, and simply be more awesome. Not a member. All Browsing Options Background Color. The rumored VR headset would work exclusively with future Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets.


Google Android Phone Review

 Google Android Phone T-Mobile G1 Android Phone, Black (T-Mobile)

The Hardware

Body: The body was made by HTC, a Taiwanese company that makes Windows Mobile devices for Motorola, Palm and its own line. This phone is built just like those. The back is classic matted and grip-friendly HTC. The swivel-flip feels almost exactly like earlier HTC phones, only it extends out and then back in again, revealing the keyboard underneath. This motion gives a satisfying snap when opened, though it might be too loud in a quiet office. Keyboard: It’s got numerous problems. First, it’s set so that the raised section on the right, with scroller ball and home and menu keys, is always in your way when you’re trying to type. This is annoying, even after you figure out how to work around it. The individual keys aren’t raised high enough over the body for easy touch typing, though at least the keyboard is backlit, in case you’re texting in the dark. The space and backspace key are tinier than we’d like. And it’s even more awkward than normal to type while charging the phone, because the miniUSB cable is in the way. Continue Reading

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Amazon’s long-rumored smartphone has finally arrived in the form of the Fire Phone. The pseudo-Android smartphone shows its maker’s touch with heavy leanings toward Amazon digital content and features like Firefly that aim to keep consumers embedded squarely in the retailer’s ecosystem. Dynamic Perspective breathes some life into an otherwise flat Fire OS, but is the average hardware worth the $600+ price tag? Read on for our full review!


Android APP Reviews 2014

Best Android apps – CNET –

Jul 9, 2014 Whether you have a phone or a tablet, CNET is here to help you find the best Android apps to suit your needs. … Restaurant and retail reviews.


 Android APP Reviews 2014April 2013 ~ | Source for Android Rooting, ROMS …

 Amazon Appstore launches in 41 new Countries
Phones Review, on Thu, 31 Jul 2014 16:48:45 -0700
Google Play may be the most popular App Store on the Android side of things, but Amazon is making moves to bring their offerings to the masses. Today the company rolled out the Amazon Appstore to 41 new regions which brings their total to well over 200.


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Clean Master (Cleaner) – FREE Android App Review Video Website: Our Android app reviews include a variety of Android apps that will…

 App review – Wall Street Journal’s Android tablet app

Wall Street Journal’s Android tablet app.

Android Apps Reviews, News & Tips |

Expert opinion, reviews, tips & news for Android mobile phone applications from


 Android APP Reviews 2014Android Apps Review – Android App Reviews and News

 BBM for Windows Phone download live today
Product Reviews, on Thu, 31 Jul 2014 11:00:00 -0700
The messaging app fully supports Windows Phone 8, and while we see this as a good step for users, we can’t help think it is a little late. The thing is, when BBM was first launched for Android and iOS there was a huge amount of hype surrounding it, so


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Audials Radio is free mobile radio streaming app for the Android OS, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Amazon Android OS platforms. This free radio app currently has over 63000 free streaming radio… Video – Smart Wifi Android App Review

Smart Wifi Android App Review. Smart WiFi – just One-Click ?A Wi-Fi App that just makes life easier. Fast, easy automatic connection with just one click. Automatically checks if the internet can be used. Simple U/I allows you to view all information at once.


Windows Mobile Games Development – Have a Quick look

Windows Mobile Games Development Have a Quick look 300x222 Windows Mobile Games Development   Have a Quick lookMobile gaming is the specialized art through the cellular game designers for example best utilization of graphics, sounds, and images brings up top quality in the mobile game titles. Windows Mobile Video games Advancement may be the example for this wonder operates by the windows mobile sport developers. The mobile video games may be in different formats both they could be downloaded directly to device or can be duplicated through os with lively sync or Wireless bluetooth. The desirable, exciting, unexplainable ideas of cell video games appeal to people to invest hours using their smartphones. The lure of cell video games is everlasting it will be ongoing for many years according to cellular video game industry intellectuals and mobile game builders that perform a undoubtedly a crucial role to take out your enjoyable on small displays.

There are many house windows cell games has gained name & fame inside the cellular game market for example Totem Star En aning, SPB Calves (this is a complete-developed sort of a little video game and one will discover it in the brain-combining title referred to as SPB Human brain Development), in the exact same series ‘quadronica’ is yet another a single, which can be popular. Certainly there are lots of other Windows Cellular Video games can be purchased in the game mart. The most handy characteristic is that they can be transported anyplace and anyone can enjoy whenever on their own smart phone. Properly, Microsof company is world’s greatest software maker once again in sparkle with its house windows cellular os based smartphones. The increase in Cell Video game Improvement may be seen in days gone by years due to many fundamental factors like cellular game titles development is a lot less expensive than gaming console video games, they could be played at any time & anywhere.

The House windows cell video games are attractive and offer the game participant more pleasurable. The spectacular House windows cellular Operating-system is extremely helpful cell sport developers as it adds top quality wifi communication (infra-red, Blue tooth as well as LANsAndWANs). LAN & WAN helps with creating multi-participant games. Development of 2D and 3 dimensional artwork can be allowed by Windows Cellular operating-system. For your good quality sound within the game titles, Home windows OS provides powerful APIs, MIDI as well as Hardware audio tracks machine. Classes in which home windows cell sport designers can be cultivated video games are lots of and they’re escalating with innovative and younger talents within the cell video gaming industry. The handful of common groups in house windows mobile sport development are exciting games, bigger picture video games, sports games, wagering game, academic video games and adventures video games. For your professionalism, reliability , accuracy in the Windows cell video game improvement, countless cell content management organizations are available to offer you their services..

Access Free Mobile Games

In todays hectic existence, cell phones have become an absolute requirement. These devices have become our constant friend and also have turn out to be part of our living. With all the development in technologies, new features have been put into them in order to make them higher than a setting of conversation. Characteristics like totally free ringtones, wallpapers, hello there tunes, bluetooth are given to boost the quality of the cellular phones. Now, they’ve got are becoming a source of enjoyment as well. These days, even video games are available on cellphones as well as the customers can enjoy them when they want to because of the World wide web center.

access free mobile games 300x187 Access Free Mobile GamesThe users have access to free of charge mobile game titles, and amuse by themselves. Playing games about the cellular is the best way to appreciate in spare time. Individuals can always take a while using their really busy schedule and play fascinating video games on the little gizmos. They are able to play actions, firing,sports primarily based and many more can be obtained on the handset. Previously to try out them, individuals had to acquire costly gaming consoles as well as had to undergo the monotonous job of connecting various cables. However they are easily obtainable about the mobile phone by itself. Individuals can down load cellular phone games from various internet sites in the hassle-free method. Providers offer this kind of game titles on the mobile that do not have numerous instructions and are really easy to comprehend. The main reason is they are customized to suit the requirements the busy customers who get some time from function or get bored in the course of extra time. It gives you for immediate fun as people do not have much time and energy to perform extended games. The result should also come quick since the players are stressed to understand their report. While utilizing the mobiles, 1 doesn’t need to be worried about getting phone calls. As soon as a call is made to the telephone whilst the first is utilizing the cellular, the game immediately prevents. You are able to continue the overall game once you are finished with the call. Hence, the cellular customers don’t have any dull second and they can savor the business of the preferred device and play limitless game titles on them. They could play them at no cost as many companies don’t cost a single penny in the consumer should they choose to download the advertised kinds. Or else, if they would like to take part in the low-promoted ones, they must spend a very negligible free which can be thousand times a lot better than purchasing costly gaming systems.

A Look At Mobile Phone Games

A Look At Mobile Phone Games 300x180 A Look At Mobile Phone GamesMany people today personal a cell phone. More than likely along with its a great many other characteristics the phone came with some video games to try out. Should you choose very own a cell phone, give your game titles a chance. You just will dsicover your self actively playing the game titles far more. Games can be downloaded off of the Web and quite often at no cost. They could suit your type a lot more if you get tired of the video games on your own phone. Game titles like sporting activities, problem, trivia, and experience can be obtained online. Should you choose decide to play free game titles, or perhaps buy some game titles you are not likely to be disappointed. Cell phone games could be a lifesaver when you are trapped in scenario in which you have to hold out long time.

In our technology sophisticated globe these days it is possible to realise why cell phones are so well-liked. Folks are seen almost everywhere talking on their own phones, texting communications, checking e-postal mail or looking the Internet. Whilst each one of these the situation is great, shiny things cost money. So when you’re just bored to death and need something to do, it is best to experience a cell phone game that does not accumulate moments. Many different individuals which range from small children to grownups perform cellular video games. Mobile phone games can be enjoyed whenever, while game playing techniques and personal computers usually can only be performed in your own home. With an visit, in visitors, looking forward to supper, on a aircraft or coach journey, or browsing collection mobile phone game titles can eliminate serious amounts of result in the hold out much more workable.

Reptile, storage, and common sense games had been some of the initial game titles to come out for mobile phones. Since that time the gaming marketplace is now much bigger as well as the game titles have gotten much better. Mobile phone game titles can be downloaded free of charge from many web pages and is identified very easily through the use of search engines like yahoo and Yahoo. Other game titles are available for flat fee or at a rate per month for bundled game titles. A few of the game titles work through your mobile phones web browser so access to the internet for you mobile phone could be necessary. Vintage games like poker, tetrus, sports activities, puzzle, and cards a few of the game titles that can be found on the internet.

With active capabilities on your cellular phone it could be possible to integrate games. Mobile phones with Wireless bluetooth can hook you up to nearby game players plus some games use text messaging inside their game titles. This may make the cell phone games far more exciting and fun, because the beginners can make the sport more difficult. New mobile phone styles which have greater screens, much better colour, and graphics are making cellular phone video games better and also have improved the cellular game playing marketplace. In the future more and more people will likely play mobile phone game titles a lot more, particularly if the prices of the game titles be reasonable.

Should you personal a phone, odds are it arrived by incorporating video games. You can take out your cellular phone at any time and perform a game if you wish to destroy some time. Even more and more people still do not actually enjoy their mobile phone games. Some reasons behind this might be that the video games their telephone was included with are boring or otherwise great, they take more time mailing messages or chatting on the phone, or they simply dont want to play in the video games. Cell phone video games have become more popular recently though, due to much better mobile phones and game playing alternatives.

PhoneArena Video Reviews : Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

One of the best perks to the Samsung Tablet is that it is designed to be speedy. Many tablets that are currently on the market don’t have too much in terms of speed and storage, and as a result, lag. With a dual core processor, and 1 GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with around the same amount of power as a netbook, or a low end laptop. Read Detail Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Reviews

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Reviews

Before you decide which Samsung tablet you want, you should read at least one good Samsung Galaxy review. When it comes to the world of tablets, there are few companies that have gotten a better reputation for delivering great goods than Samsung. However, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which has a 10.1 inch screen, doesn’t come without a pretty hefty price tag. At around $500 on Amazon, the Samsung Galaxy review you read should explain why it’s worth every penny, otherwise you might end up with a product that you don’t really want.[/Dropcaps]

One of the best perks to the Samsung Tablet is that it is designed to be speedy. Many tablets that are currently on the market don’t have too much in terms of speed and storage, and as a result, lag. With a dual core processor, and 1 GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 comes with around the same amount of power as a netbook, or a low end laptop. Most tablets on the market don’t have that amount of power, and therefore cannot run most of the movies, music, and programs that the Samsung Galaxy is capable of running. Along with the speed that allows you to watch streaming videos online, the Samsung Galaxy also comes compatible with Flash player. Apple doesn’t even have this capability.

It is often said, whether in a Galaxy review, or in an Apple iPad review, that no tablet PC is good without having WiFi capabilities. Currently, the Galaxy supports 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, and also is Bluetooth compatible. Surfing the net won’t ever be a problem with the Galaxy. People who have used a Samsung Galaxy Tablet tend to be surprised at how rapid, how fluid surfing the net can be. Considering how powerful the processor is, it really shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

The Galaxy is an Android-powered tablet, and comes with full access to the Android market. As one of the best tablets on the market, the Galaxy comes fully compatible with Word, Excel, Access, and many other popular media formats. This OS is specifically designed with multitasking in mind, which means that you can surf the web while running music at the same time. The Android Apps market is massive – 200,000 different apps are available for purchase, so you will be able to find something that you enjoy without too much worry. 32 GB of storage also means that there will be more than enough space to store all of your apps without having to add a special SD card for more space.

The design is what usually is mentioned first in most Galaxy reviews, but it’s usually a good idea to save the best for last. So far, the Galaxy has received many accolades for its sleek, lightweight design. It has even been compared to the iPad. It comes with a built in high definition camera which can record video, take photos, and be used in video chat. Along with a front facing camera, the Galaxy also comes with a back-facing camera, which is perfect for catching special moments.

Visuals are the best part of the Galaxy’s design. The high resolution screen has drawn compliments from even the most picky of tablet owners. At a 1280 by 800 pixel per square inch resolution, this is one tablet that is very difficult to beat in terms of high definition pictures. The high resolution screen makes the 2 and 3 megapixel cameras even more useful. After all, being able to share the minute details of a photograph can only be done with high resolution screens. It is very hard to find a well-known Samsung Galaxy review, or any Samsung Galaxy reviews at all, which don’t have something great to say about the screen’s resolution.

Many people currently say that the Samsung is one of the best tablets on the market. Its great design, powerful processing, ample storage, and trendy Android operating system definitely suggest that the Samsung Galaxy reviews that say it’s the best on the market might be right. Innovative and edgy, the Galaxy is one of the very few tablets on the market that doesn’t seem to have any complaints about it. Take the advice from this Galaxy review – the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a must have!

iPhone and Android: Is BBM in Their Future?


bbm 5706 iPhone and Android: Is BBM in Their Future?

Research in Motion, or RIM, may release Blackberry Messenger, or BBM, for iPhones and Androids. This rumor has flown around the internet for months but has yet to come to fruition or be affirmed by RIM. On the contrary, at the Blackberry World 2011 Q&A Session for Developers, RIM has affirmed that they are not in the process of developing their BBM to be used on the iPhone or the Android. Although they did not rule out the possibility of an interface to enable the BBM for iPhone or Android users in the future, it seems that they have a very good reason not to pursue this route.

The Blackberry Messenger is built on a proprietary platform and infrastructure that sets the Blackberry apart from other devices and is one of their primary differentiators. In order to adapt the BBM for iPhone and Android users, a complete restructuring would be necessary and they would lose one of their main advantages over their competitors. This is according to one of the developers at the Blackberry World 2011 Q&A Session for Developers.

However, RIM has recently confirmed that they have an adaptation for the Enterprise level that allows third-party interface with BBM. This enables the employees of a business to interface their devices with those of the business and use the BBM for iPhone and Android devices.

It is entirely possible, however, that enabling even limited use of the BBM for iPhone and Android devices could attract a new demographic of iPhone or Android users who find themselves enamored of the BBM application and would therefore make the switch to Blackberry.

Even though many critics say that RIM is missing out on a large percentage of the market by limiting the Blackberry Messenger to their own devices, RIM seems inclined to stay with their current marketing direction. Despite the many rumors to the contrary, at the present RIM is indicating that the only BBM interface for other devices will be in the Enterprise area, which is designed for the business sector.

Other companies have developed similar applications, such as Kik and PingChat!, that can be used across different platforms and Apple now has iMessage which is similar to the Blackberry Messenger. However, when RIM filed a lawsuit against Kik that alleged patent infringement, Kik would no longer accept BBM users. Apple’s iMessage will work with the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod touch but not the BBM.

Part of RIM’s reluctance at the present to share the BBM application with other devices may be the current state of their company, which has laid off 2,000 manufacturing workers while at the same time hiring two new COO’s.

In summary, for those users who were anticipating the BBM for iPhone and Android devices, the wait will continue as RIM has not indicated that this is on their agenda in the foreseeable future. RIM has confirmed this in at least two separate statements and currently plans to offer a BBM interface in their Enterprise area only.

Elegant Phone Experiences With the HTC Mobile Desire 500

HTC Desire 500 300x236 Elegant Phone Experiences With the HTC Mobile Desire 500

The latest HTC in the market is one that is sure to win the hearts of many. With a 4.3 inch WVGA display it runs on the Android Jelly Bean with a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor. The memory is a 1GB RAM and it comes with an 8MP rear camera and a 1.6 MP front camera. With an inbuilt memory of 4GB, the memory can be expanded upto 64 GB. The battery is an 1,800 mAh battery. Sporting a 4.3 inches WVGA competitive touchscreen and a resolution of around 800 x 420 pixels, the HTC Mobiles Desire 500 is a one stop phone for all who want to have something different.

Other Specialties
This special Smartphone today is highly dependent on the 1.2 GHz Snapdragon and can smoothly switch between two tasks. This is something that is required of most phones today. The device has an external micro SD card and from the storage point of view, it has a 4GB internal memory and supports a 720p video recording. With a good connectivity feature, the battler co-operates with your requirements.

Connections and Other Features

The new HTC Mobile Desire 500 has connectivity features of a 3G, Micro USB, WI-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and supports your requirements well with a Li-ion 1800 mAH battery. It has stormed into the market and is a brilliant piece of technological advancement. Customers are sure to like it as it also comes with unique features like Beats Audio, Blink Feed and other such useful features. Whether you are application crazy, or a music lover or a regular user, this HTC gives it all in style.

The Desire Performance

There is something very unique about the manner in which the HTC Mobile Desire 500 is. Whether it is the plastic body or the buttons, the ports or the feel, this new phone is set to create ripples wherever you go. Remove the back cover and put it back easily. The back cover actually protects the phone greatly and gives you the illusion that there is no cover. The resolution is crystal clear and that is the main feature of this new HTC model. The pixel density is around 216 and it surely presents a respectable sight

Slim Fit Easy To Hold

The slim fit of the HTC Mobile Desire 500 gives you a seamless experience and the screen spreads across 4.3 inches and gives a great experience. The arrangement and the features when compared to the earlier models give you a onetime experience. The LCD screen technology has good brightness and adjustable viewing angles. If you are, one who looks for a pixel effect this is surely a good option. There is an overall sleek interface and this makes a good flagship experience.

Camera Features and Uses

The 8 megapixel camera comes with an f/2 lens and also a flash. It is thus very right to expect a mid range view and output from the HTC Mobile Desire 500. There are modes like HDR and Panorama, which help you to focus on a good picture. There are additional specifications like the unique features, which make this phone very special to the wonder. So this phone with the slim fit solid look is one in a million so go for it blindly without having to worry about its functions and features.

Other Reasons to Have an HTC Desire 500

There is a music player, which you could manage according to albums, artists, or playlists. There are earpieces and loudspeakers, which make your job easier. Browse on the Internet in peace and position your preferences such that the HTC Mobile Desire 500 is your ready master for everything and gives you the pleasures of wonderful phone experiences.

Pros And Cons

Users can avail the delight of many features such as SMS, MMS, Predictive text input and SMTP. Instant messaging is made available to all concerned users through the use of Google Talk facility. Presence of sensors such as Compass, Accelerometer further provides users with ample reasons to consider investing in the same. There are certain limitations along with the HTC Mobile Desire 500. Features such as HDMI and AirPlay are not available along with this model.